Beginning in 1992, Danisarte has sponsored workshops and productions in both English and Spanish in New York. Plays from Latin America and Spain were presented in theatrical festivals entitled Almas Atormentadas/Anguished Souls, Caprichos de Amor/Loves' Whims, The Eternal Conflict/El Conflicto Eterno. The actors were from Colombia, Curacao, La Republica Dominicana, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Spain.

In 1998, Danisarte inaugurated the theatre at the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center in East Harlem, New York, with a performance piece entitled Un Homenaje a Julia de Burgos (A Tribute to Julia de Burgos).

Danisarte has sponsored playwriting workshops under the guidance of renown playwrights Carmen Rivera, Eugene Rodriguez, Candido Tirado, Pedro Monge-Rafuls, and Oscar Colon.

Portraits of Passion/Retratos de pasion, a series of plays spawned by the poetry and lives of celebrated Latin American poets were presented at The Puerto Rican Cultural Heritage House, The Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, El Taller Boricua, Union Settlement House, and El Faro Community Center in East Harlem.

Los Nuevos Valores/The New Treasures theatrical festival entitled Vidas Entrelazadas/Entwined Lives, a series of plays depicting Latino immigrants' turbulent, comical and spritual experiences was presented in December, 2003. Ernesto Villa Bejjani received an A.C.E. award for his performance.

Herencia de Amor y Sangre (A Heritage of Love and Blood) by Arnaldo Rodriguez, became the first play in Spanish to be presented at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum in Lower Manhattan in 2003. The New Treasures/Los Nuevos Valores bilingual theatrical festivals were also held in 2004 and 2005 featuring plays that explored the diverse paths of immigrants in search of their dreams. All plays were developed in Danisarte's playwriting and acting workshops at The Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center in East Harlem. Danisarte received an Award from The Association of Latino Entertainment Critics of New York (A.C.E.)as cultural institution of the year in 2005, and again in 2008. Danisarte's bilingual "Ilusiones" Theatrical Festival was held at The Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center in December 2006 and Danisarte's theatrical festival "Celebracion",celebrating 15 years of achievements in our artistic/cultural mission, was held in December 2007. In 2008 Danisarte held the theatrical festival "Inspiracion". In 2009 Danisarte inaugurated the series "Cultural Passport / Pasaporte Cultural" in association with El Taller Boricua and in collaboration with several different artists and multi-cultural companies. In December, 2009 Danisarte held the bilingual theatrical festival "Fantasias",.  Additional bilingual workshops and theatrical festivals were produced in 2010 and 2011.  This year Danisarte will be celebrating 20 years of conducting workshops and productions, inspiring our artists and celebrating Hispanic Culture.in East Harlem. 





"Los Tres Payasos" (The Three Clowns)
by Juan Guzman
Directed by Alicia Kaplan
with Edison Carrera, Jesus Martinez and Stalin Cando
Performed at Danisarte's Los Nuevos Valores/The New Treasures "Fantasias"
bilingual theatrical festival in New York City during December, 2009.


"The Rampa:  Our Heaven & Hell"
"La Rampa:  Nuestro Cielo & Infierno"
by Ella Veres
Directed by Alicia Kaplan
A cry for help from the Gypsies of Cluj, Romania
with Hector Luis Rivera, Inma Heredia, Edward Azcorra,
Ana Montero, Jennifer Dunne, Zulaika Velaquez & Rafael Fuentes.
Performed at Danisarte's New Treasures /Los Nuevos Valores"Fantasias"
bilingual theatrical festival in New York City in December 2009.



"Passing Judgement"
by Jason Ramirez
Directed by Alicia Kaplan
Danisarte's Los Nuevos Valores festival 05
The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre 07


"Un Encuentro Fugaz" (A Brief Encounter)
by Sonia Suarez Schwartz
Directed by Alicia Kaplan
(A.C.E. Nomination Best Director)